21 January 2014

Clearing the decks

I signed up for the MATS Bootcamp. It means I'm going to be very busy over the next few months but I think the whole experience is going to be positive.

In preparation for all the busy-ness I've spent the last week finishing projects, clearing up and getting myself organised. My desk is tidy, my computer has been scanned, de-bugged and backed up, and I'm even up to date with my accounts. But the thing that's made the biggest difference was ditching Windows Live Mail and setting up Thunderbird. I found WLM overly complicated - separate inboxes, outboxes, deleted files etc for each email address was just messy - Thunderbird's unified folders make everything much tidier.

Something else I did, was go and see American Hustle. People seem to either love it or hate it, some people have said it's Scorsese-lite and lacking depth but I loved it -  the hair, the clothes, the medallions, the interiors (so much yellow) were all eye poppingly great - surface and appearance are everything, and I think that's the point, that's why the cons work.

'Science oven' reminded me about something I read in an old '70s cookbook I have ... beamed is so old Star Trek.



  1. i loved it too, and the 'science oven', brilliant! good luck with bootcamp, i just replied on my blog that i am definitely still faffing too, so don't worry :-)

    ps love the valentine cards.

    1. I'm enjoying the community of Bootcamp, something I wasn't aware I was missing IYKWIM.